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About Cool Bathroom Decor

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

Welcome to our bathroom!

Tree of Life Gorgeous Leather-Like Bath Shower Curtain

Here we’re all about fun, cute and cool bathroom decor and accessories!

We believe the bathroom can be a place where you get permission to splash your unique personality all over!

From your shower curtain to your toilet seat, bath rugs, toothbrush holders, wastebasket, storage bins, towels, even the walls!

Going to the bathroom should put a smile on your face every single time!

Tree of Life Gorgeous Like Leather Bath Shower Curtain

Your guests will keep coming up with excuses to use your bathroom just so they can admire your unique taste in decor! (And maybe to get some ideas for their own bathrooms)

Whether you love the beach, Paris, Italy, monkeys, zebras, elephants, polka-dots, hearts, sports or rainbows, we have just the accessories to jazz up your bathroom and reflect your passions! So go ahead, let your uniqueness shine… in your bathroom!

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in this cozy corner of the Internet:

Cool Bath Mats!

cool bath mats

Fun Piano Keys Picture Design Bath Mat

Fun Piano Keys Picture Design

Check this out!
How cool, fun and unique, not to mention creative, is this piano keys design bath rug?
Will definitely make everyone smile and immediately want to play music when they set their feet on those piano keys!

This design features a photo of a real piano keyboard, under a light. That’s why the colors are not ‘even’, for a more realistic effect.

*Look for the matching piano keys shower curtain and create a cool ‘music theme’ bathroom!

Hip Peace and Love Waste Basket

Distinctive graffiti design trash bin for your bathroom!

Peace and Love Graffiti Wood Waste Basket

Peace and Love Graffiti Wood Waste Basket

This stylish rectangular basket is made of wood and features graffiti style writing, hearts and peace signs. Put it next to your toilet and its positive vibes will likely maybe prompt anyone to replace that empty roll of toilet paper.

Stunning Beaded Heart 8-Piece Bath Accessories Set

Silver Beaded Heart 8-Piece Bath Accessories Set

Silver Beaded Heart 8-Piece Bath Accessories Set

Stunning Beaded Heart 8-Piece Bath Accessories Set

If you are looking to create an amazing heart-themed bathroom, then this awesome beaded hearts accessory set might be for you!
I love this gorgeous silver look and texture!
It will definitely get you lots of compliments from your guests!
The pieces are nice and heavy!

Under-the-Sea Scene Toilet Seat

Bring the ocean to your bathroom!

Dolphins Seashells Lobster Acrylic Decorative Toilet Seat

Dolphins, Seashells and Lobster Acrylic Decorative Toilet Seat

What is a cool bathroom decor without a colorful bathroom seat? Well, not cool. At all. So have this  stunning underwater scene greet you each time you visit what will become your favorite room in the house! (Don’t forget the magazines)

Cool Vanity Stools!

cool bathroom chairs

Orange Vanity Stool

Cool Vanity Stool, Burnt Orange

Cool bathrooms have cool vanity stools!
They are not only very elegant to have in a medium-sized or large bathroom, but also very handy!
(Yes, you can also ‘relax’ while in the bathroom… especially new moms…sometimes being in the bathroom for a nice shower and beauty treatment while hubby is at home is the only time for herself a new mom will have…)
These beautiful bathroom vanity stools come in many cool colors, to match your walls or bathroom rug! 🙂
Oh yes, they are also super comfy!

Well, we’re glad you found our bathroom! Take a look around.

We hope these pages will help you find just the right accessory or decor for your cool bathroom!