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Music Themed Shower Curtains

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Fun Music Themed Shower Curtains for Music Lovers!

and a ‘musical’ bathroom!

music themed shower curtains

Cute Music Themed Pink Shower Curtain Bathroom Set

Pink and Black Music Themed Shower Curtain 4 piece Bathroom Set

Love music?
Can’t take a shower without bringing your music with you?
Love to sing in the shower?
Play any instruments?
Want to be a rock star?
Are you auditioning for ‘The Voice’ soon?
Are you humming a tune right now?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all or a few of these questions then you definitely love music and you are going to LOVE these fun music themed shower curtains! 🙂
(No, they do NOT play any music, but they have cool musical notes on them or any other music symbols!)

* Here are our top favorites!

Music themed Shower Curtains: Notes on Old Staff Paper

Custom Music Notes Bathroom Fabric Shower Curtain

Music Notes on Vintage Staff “Paper”

Custom Music Notes Bathroom Waterproof Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain

Love the old, weathered and coffee-stained look on this one! Like an old music sheet straight out of grandma’s attic! Your guests will be extra impressed if you can whistle its tune.

Colorful Music Notes Shower Curtain

Colorful Music Notes Shower Curtain

Cute Colorful Music Notes Shower Curtain

Colorful Notes Shower Curtain 71″ by 74″

Bring the colors of music to your bathroom! 🙂

That’s right!
To me, music has colors!
It’s something alive!

This is one of my favorite music-themed shower curtains for sale!
Happy and colorful music notes are dancing and playing in the white background while you take your shower!
Can you hear the music yet?

Very cool and definitely unique!
Happy showering!

Live to Rock Guitar Shower Curtain

One of the most colorful music themed shower curtains!

Thumbprintz Shower Curtain, Live to Rock

Colorful guitar and music notes, Live to Rock!

Music Shower Curtain, Live to Rock by Thumbprintz

This is a vibrant mixed-media art style design. Note (yeah) the music notes, the sheet music scrap in the background, the painted on look of the guitar and letters, and… chain links? I also love the flower detail on the guitar neck.

What could be a fitting playlist to go with this curtain? Janis Joplin? Patti Smith? Or David Bowie’s glam rock? Well, that’s up to you, but the backdrop to your picks is right here.

Stunning Rainbow Piano Keys and Music Notes Shower Curtain 3-piece set!

colorful piano shower curtain

Rainbow Piano Keys Shower Curtain

Gorgeous Rainbow Piano Keys Shower Curtain 3-piece set

Can you hear the rainbow color piano keys playing?
In the shower?

This is a fun rainbow piano theme shower curtain 3-piece set for sale!
The colorful piano keyboard is playing a cool tune! 🙂
(You are going to be dancing too, in the shower, to the sound of your own music playing in the bathroom every day!)

Mix Tape #10 Vintage Design Shower Curtain

DENY Designs Bianca Green Mix Tape No 10 Shower Curtain

Vintage mixtape shower curtain

OK now, remember the old days of making mixed radio tapes? Listening to American Top 40 in the late 80’s? (I know, this is an age giveaway, so what?)

Show your appreciation of that era by displaying this colorful mixtape right in your bathroom. The DENY Designs Bianca Green Mix Tape No 10 Shower Curtain looks spiffy, me thinks.

Combine it with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the ultimate clash of generations!

Unique art by Bianca Green, with the quality you expect from DENY Designs. Why have an ordinary shower curtain when you can use this accessory to make a statement?

If you’re entertaining, get ready for the reliving of old times that will ensue!

Awesome Vintage Sheet Music Design Shower Curtain!

Coolest Music Themed Shower Curtains for Sale!

Vintage Sheet Music Design Shower Curtain

Cool Vintage Sheet Music Design Shower Curtain

Vintage Sheet Music Shower Curtain

I bet you are trying to play the notes on your piano already, aren’t you? 🙂

This is a fun and creative vintage-style music sheet design shower curtain!
Perfect for a piano player or any musician’s bathroom!
Everyone will love it!
(Great gift idea as well!)

Country music guitar shower curtain

I love my Country!

Honky-Tonk Time Country Guitar Shower Curtain

A cowhide pattern steel-string guitar is the centerpiece of this classic Western style shower curtain.

Display your love of Country music in a most fitting location: the very place where you SING your favorite Country tunes!

Since you may love it that much, I should let you know that there’s a line of coordinating items for the rest of the home as well.

Coolest Headphones Design Shower Curtain!

Headphones Design Shower Curtain

Headphones Design Shower Curtain

This is the perfect music themed shower curtain for a teenage boy’s bathroom!
It’s a cool headphones print shower curtain!
LOVE it!!

Ever Guitar Shower Curtain by DENY Designs

DENY Designs Valentina Ramos Ever Guitar Shower Curtain

Colorful guitar and flowers

Wow, this one has it all: flowers, paisley, patterns galore. A guitar is camouflaged among colorful flowers and leaves in what looks like a stunning doodle! Beautiful art by Valentina Ramos on this music-themed shower curtain.

Can you imagine being greeted by this showpiece each time you use the bathroom?

This vibrant print on woven polyester can be machine washed. Life couldn’t be any easier, could it? 😉

Piano Keys Shower Curtain

Piano Keys shower curtain

Fun Piano Keys Photo Print Shower Curtain

A gorgeous piano keys photo print design shower curtain for sale!
It’s beyond cool!
You almost feel that the notes will start playing when you touch it! 🙂
This design was created using a picture of a real piano keyboard.

Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain

Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain

“We all live in a yellow submarine”

Leave it to the Fab Four to complete this selection! A Yellow Submarine shower curtain! Aren’t you already humming the goofy tune?

I’ll tell you, if there’s one point in time I’d love to go back to, it would be to be present at the marathon recording sessions of this song. It’s almost hard to believe how well the song came out given the fits of hysterical laughter that allegedly filled the unruly and discordant atmosphere in the studio! Or maybe THAT is the reason why it came out so fun and lively!

You can read about how the young lads created this masterpiece, if you’re curious, right here: Yellow Submarine.

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