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Bohemian Shower Curtains

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Our Top Favorite Bohemian Shower Curtains for a Fun and Colorful ‘Gypsy’ Bathroom!

If it’s cool, fun, colorful, unique, ‘happy’, funky and amazing, we like it! 🙂
These cute Bohemian shower curtains are just that!
They express freedom!
Freedom of expression and style!

Fun Bohemian Shower Curtains

Fun Bohemian Style Shower Curtains

Very Cool “Gypsy Pattern I” Shower Curtain, 71″ by 74″

*We immediately get a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling when we look at this colorful ‘gypsy’ quilt-style pattern Bohemian shower curtain!
The colors and cool designs complement one another and together they create a ‘Wow’ look in the bathroom! 🙂
That’s the power of Bo-ho style!

Bohemian Butterflies Artistic BoHo-Style Shower Curtain

Fresh Spring happiness all year-round!

Stylish Bathroom Decor Bohemian Butterflies Shower Curtain

Bohemian Butterflies Shower Curtain

Stylish Home Decor and Bathroom Ideas – Bohemian Butterflies Shower Curtain

As I lay me down to navel-gaze and marvel at this beautiful meadow… breathing in fresh air… oh, wait. I’m still in the bathroom.

Genuine “don’t-give-a-hoot” style: colorful flowers and butterflies fluttering about against a grunge green background. Intense, but not flashy. Want. Now!

Unique Bohemian Sun Design Waterproof Shower Curtain

Unique Bohemian Sun Design Waterproof Shower Curtain

Unique Bohemian Sun Design Waterproof Shower Curtain

Unique Mandala Sun Design Bohemian Waterproof Shower Curtain

Have you ever seen a cool Bohemian sun before?
This is what it looks like! 🙂
This is a fun and affordable Bohemian shower curtain to brighten up and ‘color up’ your bathroom!
The cool colors will match up almost any color you may have on your bathroom walls!

*I am so in love with these colorful Bohemian shower curtains for sale that even though I have a shower cabin in my bathroom, I am thinking of adding one of these just for show!

VW Minivan Hippie Peace Sign and Flowers Bohemian Shower Curtains

Peace Caravan Hippie Bohemian Peace Sign Paisley Shower Curtain

Peace VW Caravan Bohemian Peace Sign Paisley Shower Curtain

Peace Van Bohemian Shower Curtain, Antique Look

All aboard the peace train! Erm… excuse me, the hippie VW van!

While not the hippiest of all hippie vans, (because it is, after all, a print in your bathroom) this curtain is guaranteed to brighten up your day!


  • Groovy paisley? Check.
  • Hippie van? Check.
  • Peace sign? Check.
  • Burst of colors? Check.
  • Vintage look? Check.
  • Bohemian style? Check.

See? Hop on and let the fun and games begin!

Affordable Bohemian Style Polyester Shower Curtain!

Affordable Bohemian Style Polyester Shower Curtain

Affordable Bohemian Style Polyester Shower Curtain

Another fun and extremely affordable Bo-ho style shower curtain for sale!
I love this cool ‘tribal’ design!
Will definitely improve the ‘vibe’ of any bathroom! 🙂
(Specially if you have all neutral colors, like the one in the picture. It will immediately break the monotony!)

Thumbprintz Fabric BoHo Shower Curtain- Abstract Fibonacci

Urban style fabric shower curtain

Thumbprintz Bohemian-Style Shower Curtain, Fibonacci Dots

Fibonacci Dots Abstract Math Shower Curtain

Thumbprintz Bohemian-Style Shower Curtain, Fibonacci Dots

Indulge your senses with this multi-colored, math-inspired abstract design!

I can’t quite conjure thoughts of the Fibonacci Sequence when looking at this colorful shower curtain. At the same time, I love it that it has multiple colors, patterns, and some connections between circles.

The light tan grunge background does an excellent job accentuating the vibrant dots, without competing for their attention.

Very Cool Bohemian Style Camel Pride Design Shower Curtain!

Cool Bohemian Style Camel Pride Design Shower Curtain

Cool Bohemian Style Camel Pride Design Shower Curtain

How about bringing a proud Bohemian camel to your bathroom? 🙂
This is a fun and definitely unique camel design Bohemian shower curtain for sale!
Love all the purple, fuchsia, orange, brown and white colors!
(You will see how amazing your bathroom will look just by adding a cool shower curtain!)

Turquoise Boho Medallion and Stripes Fabric Shower Curtain

Thumbprintz Turquoise Medallion Stripe Fabric BoHo Shower Curtain

Medallion and Stripes Turquoise Bohemian Shower Curtain

Turquoise Medallion Stripe Bohemian Shower Curtain

This piece is rather intriguing!

The eye-catching medallion design takes the center spot, surrounded by green leaves and encased in a circle of white dots, against a contrasting turquoise background. And then there is the splash of magenta and orange.

I love how the stripes feature geometric patterns that complement the circle.

Colorful Tribal Aztec Shower Curtain!

Colorful Tribal Aztec Shower Curtain

Colorful Tribal Aztec Shower Curtain

Like I said before, what we most like about Bo-ho style are the colors, colors and the colors!
(Did I say colors?)
The more the happier! 🙂
How absolutely amazing is this colorful tribal Aztec pattern shower curtain?
It almost makes you want to start doing a tribal dance yourself right away!
(Yes, because when we close the bathroom door, anything is possible!)
And everything is awesome!

Vivid Bohemian Paisley Shower Curtain

KESS InHouse Bohemian Pink Yellow Shower Curtain

Pink and Yellow Bohemian-style Shower Curtain

KESS InHouse Nandita Singh “Bohemian II” Pink Yellow Shower Curtain, 69 by 70-Inch

Whoa! A somewhat psychedelic splash of art, don’t you think? (No, my coffee is not spiked…)

The pink, yellow, charcoal and teal blend awesomely well in a design that pulls you in from the first glance. Bam!

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