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Zebra Bathroom Decor

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My Favorite Zebra Bathroom Decor Items!

Best Zebra Bathroom Decor

Best Zebra Bathroom Decor

The number one best zebra bathroom accessory to have is a beautiful zebra shower curtain, of course! 🙂
Even better if it’s not only just the zebra stripes, but real zebras!
(I mean, not actually ‘real’ but their real faces… or heads… you know what I mean… right?)

This is a gorgeous waterproof all black polyester shower curtain with two gorgeous zebras on it! Very realistic and every time you step into your bathroom it will seem the zebras are alive and coming your way!

Perfect to match a black and white bathroom and make it FUN!

Rainbow Zebra Stylish Bath Rug

A spa-worthy comfy rug right in your bathroom!

DiaNoche Designs Bath Mat Made of Memory Foam Designer Zebra

Your feet will love this thick memory foam zebra mat!

DiaNoche Designs Bath Mat Made of Memory Foam Designer Zebra

Step out of the shower and onto this gorgeous rug. A colorful  zebra on a one inch thick memory foam mat will give your bathroom the right touch of luxury. And comfort, of course.

It features a fade-proof designer print.

How will this zebra bathroom mat look in your bathroom?

Fun Zebra Wastebasket!

Fun Zebra Wastebasket

Fun Zebra Wastebasket

Another very cool zebra theme bathroom accessory you can have to create your perfect zebra bathroom is a fun zebra wastebasket! 🙂
It’s fun, it’s cheap and it definitely stands out!
(And it will remind everyone using your fun zebra bathroom to use the wastebasket after they are done…)
It also makes a fun housewarming gift idea!

Rainbow Zebra Head Shower Curtain

DENY Designs Coco De Paris Rainbow Zebra Head Shower Curtain

A colorful zebra and a page of French prose

DENY Designs Coco De Paris Rainbow Zebra Shower Curtain

Isn’t this design just stunning? Look closely, as the colorful zebra head shares its glory with a long excerpt of French prose. Can you translate?

Add another zebra accessory (or two) from this page to complete your decor. It’s a zebra lover’s bathroom after all, right?

I love the fact that the print looks like a mixed media art piece!

How about a Gorgeous Zebra Vanity Stool?

Beautiful zebra bathroom decor idea!

Gorgeous Zebra Vanity Stool

Gorgeous Zebra Vanity Stool

Beautiful Brown Zebra Upholstered Stool

If you have a little extra-room in your zebra bathroom, how about adding this beautiful zebra stool?
Very stylish!
It is not actually black and white though, it is more of a cappuccino color and it’s perfect to add a ‘zebra splash’ to your bathroom…
I love it!
It is very well-made, from birch wood and cotton!

(Size: 16 x 19 x 16 inches)

Zebra Bathroom Wall-Mounted Mirror

Aspire Home Accents Zebra Wall Mirror - 24 in W x 31 in H

Zebra, zebra on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Aspire Home Accents Zebra Wall Mirror – 24W x 31H

Such an elegant zebra frame wall mirror! It is made of a heavy wood frame with polished nail head trim accents all around the frame.

The black and white zebra pattern is a faux-leather overlay, so hey, no zebras were harmed during the making of this mirror!

Won’t this look great along all your other zebra accessories?

Zebra Print Digital Bath Scale!

Zebra Print Digital Bath Scale

Zebra Print Digital Bath Scale

Look what I found!
A fun (and very affordable!) zebra striped digital bath scale for sale!
Let the zebras measure your weight! 🙂
(At least the zebra stripes will distract you from the shock of seeing your weight when you step on the scale!)
Just kidding….

21st Century Zebra Bathroom Accessory For the Win!

Zebra SoundBot® in-shower music and voice

Soundbot Wireless Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker Zebra

Shall we call it the iZebra?

Soundbot Wireless HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker Mini Water Resistant with Built-in Mic, Zebra

While I don’t see a need to talk on the phone while in the shower, I love the idea of having my favorite tunes playing in that acoustic perfection that is the closed bathroom!

And I could sing along and have my discordant harmonious voice muffled by the real deal. Genius.

Fun Zebra Pattern Towel Set!

Fun Zebra Pattern Towel Set

Fun Zebra Pattern Towel Set

Creative Bath Zebra 3pc Towel Set

Of course a true zebra bathroom needs zebra towels! 🙂
This is a fun 3-piece zebra towel set for the bathroom!
One hand towel, one wash cloth and one bath towel!
(Don’t worry… the zebra stripes will not rub off on you…)

Personalized Zebra Print & Polka Dots Bathroom Accessory Set

Zebra Print & Polka Dots Bathroom Accessories Set (Personalized)

Doubles as a constant reminder to get a new toothbrush…

Zebra Print & Polka Dots Bathroom Accessories Set (Personalized)

This super stylish bathroom accessory set can be personalized with your name (or whatever other word or words you wish). Available in several colors, with or without the polka-dot bottom (you can have it “zebra all the way” if you prefer)

Shared bathroom? No problem!

You can customize individual pieces. Just make sure your instructions are clear!

Within the spectrum of print requests gone wrong, ranging from botched cake to ruined tattoo, I’d put the bathroom accessory at the cake end. Except you eat the cake and it’s all over, while these accessories are made to last a while… so check your instructions again, just in case.

The Most Beautiful and FUN Zebra Shower Curtain!

FUN Zebra Shower Curtain

FUN Zebra Shower Curtain

Ok, ok, I know I am stepping out of the traditional black and white zebra stripes here but I couldn’t resist!
This is the most gorgeous and colorful and fun and cool zebra shower curtain I have ever seen!!
It’s so creative!
If you want to create the most unique zebra theme bathroom around, then go with it!
(Also perfect for a teenage girl’s bathroom!)

Bathroom Storage, Zebra Style

Altra Furniture 4-Bin Storage Table, Zebra Print

Zebra bins for bathroom storage

Altra Furniture 4-Bin Storage Table, Zebra Print

If you have a large bathroom, besides being the envy of them all, you can add some otherwise too big items others can only dream of having! A vanity stool? A shelf? A table? How about extra storage space?

This nifty storage table provides four ample zebra print bins for many bathroom storage needs! Always have extra TP nearby! (As long as you stay on top of restocking the bins)

So what will your zebra bathroom decoration look like?

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