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Heart Shower Curtains

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

The Cutest and Most Beautiful Heart Shower Curtains for a Very Romantic Bathroom!

Cute Hearts Shower Curtains

Beautiful Hearts Shower Curtain

Love is in the… bathroom!
Everywhere you look around!
Beautiful hearts have this power! 🙂

It will be impossible not to feel LOVE every time you step inside your bathroom and look at your gorgeous and very romantic HEART print shower curtain!

Since I found so many, in so many beautiful designs and colors, I had to create a special separate page just for them!

Colorful Hearts Shower Curtain, 69 by 70-Inch

*I let out a huge gasp when I came across this stunning colorful HEARTS shower curtain!
Can you fit that much LOVE in one bathroom?

I warn you though: it will be nearly impossible to pick only one! 🙂

*OH, and I forgot to mention, but you probably know this already.
These will make awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your girly girlfriend’s bathroom!

“Love You Truly” Painted Heart Shower Curtain

Realistic brushstrokes in vibrant colors!

Thumbprintz Heart Shower Curtains Love you Truly

Thumbprintz Shower Curtain, Love you Truly

So you have hearts on your bedspread, pillows, windows, and rugs… of course, you want to share all this love with your bathroom as well, right? Then do it in style with heart shower curtains! Check out this dazzling design that doubles as a work of art!

Won’t it feel like the ultimate expression of self-love to be draped behind these gorgeous layered hearts while you shower?

Cute LOVE HEARTS Romantic Shower Curtain for Sale!

LOVE HEARTS Romantic Shower Curtain for Sale

Cute LOVE HEARTS Romantic Shower Curtain for Sale

Red Valentine Hearts Shower Curtain

Are you in a ‘romantic mood’ already in your bathroom? 🙂
I am!
(Not in your bathroom, though… in mine!)

How cute and loving is this red hearts shower curtain?
Each heart represents one of you…
(Whoever is taller gets the bigger hearts…)

Saint Valentine’s Day Big Heart Bathroom Curtain

A unique design to brighten your bathroom!

Saint Valentine's Day Graceful Background Love Heart In Centre Shower Curtain

Saint Valentine’s Day Graceful Love Heart Shower Curtain

Forget that heart-shaped box of chocolate, THESE heart shower curtains are what’s hot for Valentine’s! (OK, we may have gone a bit overboard here… but you get the idea).

A perfectly shaped heart surrounded by lovely flowers, leaves and stars in soft shades of plum! Lavender bath salts, anyone? Relax away hidden behind this joyful design! Candles optional.

Beautiful and Very Romantic Black and Red Hearts Shower Curtain

Black and Red Hearts Shower Curtain

Stunning Black and Red Hearts Shower Curtain

Stunning Black and Red Hearts Shower Curtain
by HappyGabby

How romantic is this gorgeous red hearts against an all-black background shower curtain for sale?
It is the perfect Valentine’s Day bathroom gift idea for your girlfriend!
(Plus some nice chocolate and some beautiful flowers too… and don’t forget a beautiful card as well! 🙂
It will definitely bring lots of ‘romance’ into the bathroom…

This is the one for my bathroom! 🙂

Luxurious Martini Heart Shower Curtain

An eye-popping design that is oh-so-chic!

DENY Designs Madart Heart Of A Martini Shower Curtain

DENY Designs Madart Heart Shower Curtains

While this abstract design is open to interpretation (is that really a Martini there? do I see an olive at the upper left corner?) there is one thing we can all agree on: the colors on this heart shower curtain are absolutely stunning!

I prefer to think the Martini is there as part of the name simply to suggest that a soothing aromatic bubble bath is best appreciated while enjoying a Martini. Why not?

Adorable Floral Heart Shower Curtain

Flower Heart Shower Curtain

Floral Heart Shower Curtain

Cute Flower Heart Shower Curtain

A colorful flower heart shower curtain!
How creative is this shower curtain for the bathroom?
Gorgeous flowers make the shape of a heart! 🙂
Perfect to add a nice splash of colors to a white bathroom!

Luscious “Painted Heart” Shower Curtains

A splash of colors and a touch of exuberance to your bathroom!

Kess InHouse Nick Atkinson "Painted Heart" Shower Curtain

Kess InHouse Nick Atkinson “Painted Heart” Shower Curtain

So this looks like a piece of art, right? Well, it is! Kess InHouse features stunning designs by talented artists and shares a percentage of its sales with them. And your bathroom looks like an art gallery. Everybody wins!

The good news is that you can find coordinating pieces for your bedroom as well. The bad news? There are just too many exuberant designs to choose from, and it may be hard to decide which one to get.

When in doubt, go with hearts, of course!

Cute, Fun and Colorful Hearts on Black Shower Curtain!

Colorful Hearts on Black Shower Curtain

Fun Colorful Hearts on Black Shower Curtain

Fun Colorful Hearts on Black Shower Curtain
by HappyGabby

How many cute and colorful hearts are on this shower curtain?
Let’s count! 🙂
(That’s something you can actually do in the bathroom when things take a little longer than the usual… if you know what I mean…)

This is a stunning large colorful hearts all over on a black background shower curtain for the girly girl’s bathroom!
Yes, it is a little on the ‘expensive’ side, but it will be worth your money!

Warm and Vivid “Wild at Heart” Shower Curtain

A glowing heart brings a romantic feel to your bathroom!

DENY Designs Madart Wild at Heart Shower Curtain

DENY Designs Extra-Long Madart Wild at Heart Shower Curtain

A pierced heart in all its ardent glory! Another artistic option if you are tired of dull bathrooms. The bright color won’t disappoint and, mind you, this one shower curtain is extra-long, you get full coverage here.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you catch your friends taking selfies against the gorgeous background of your shower curtain. After all, hearts are hard to resist. Who knew? Heart shower curtains = photo opp?