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Bathroom Vanity Chairs

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Cool and Stylish Bathroom Vanity Chairs and Stools!

bathroom vanity chairs and stools

Stylish Bathroom Vanity Chairs

If you are lucky enough to have a medium-sized or even large bathroom in your home, then I think you are going to like these bathroom vanity chairs and stools!
They not only give any bathroom a nice and classy ‘touch’, but they are also very practical!
(No more having to use your toilet as a chair when you need to clip your toenails or treat your tired feet to some foot cream…)
You will have the option of using your brand-new beautiful bathroom vanity stool or chair!

Crescent Stool

*This one in the picture caught my attention right away!
It is made of wood and it has a nice and ‘zen’ crescent shape!
Will go beautifully with your wooden cabinet!

Elegant Metal Stool in Textured Design

Stylish and versatile vanity stool for your bathroom!

Benzara Metal Stool in Textured Design with Round Base

Benzara Round Metal Stool in Textured Design

This is so cool! I love how the simplicity and shine of the silver color contrast with the intricate design on top! If you click the picture you can see a much-enlarged version of it on Amazon, and you’ll be blown by the ornate top pattern!

The material lends itself to “survival” in the bathroom environment (you know, steam, moisture…) but can also be a great addition to a half-bathroom, or guest bathroom.

Because your bathroom also wants to “dress to impress”!

Very Cool and Unique Elm Wood and Linen Bathroom Stool for Sale!

Coolest Bathroom Stools for Sale

Coolest Bathroom Stools for Sale

Unique Hoof Leg Bathroom Stool

I couldn’t resist showing you this antique looking animal hoof wooden bathroom stool for sale!
It is so unique!
(I am still trying to determine what animal that is… elephant?)
I think so!
It is exquisite!
It comes fully assembled as well!
Ready to be placed in your amazing bathroom! 🙂

(Product Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 20 inches ; 15 pounds)

Jennifer Taylor Yorke Oval Vanity Stool

A luxurious look for your bathroom or dressing room!

Jennifer Taylor Yorke bathroom Vanity chair Cream and Black

Jennifer Taylor Yorke Vanity Stool, Cream and Black

I can’t decide what I like most about this gorgeous cream and black bathroom vanity stool!

Is it the floral pattern of the soft flocked silk dupioni upholstery?
The button-tufted accents on the sides and top?
Or the beautiful decorative tasseled trim?
The ample skirted base?

Come to think of it, I also love the fact that it is oval-shaped, not round (it just adds some flair, I think!)

One thing I know: this unique piece is sure to impress!

Need an instant bathroom “face-lift”? Look no further than this unique seat to bring some flowery pep to your vanity space!

Awesome Hoof Leg Leather Stool for the Bathroom!

Very Cool Hoof Leg Leather Bathroom Stool

Very Cool Hoof Leg Leather Bathroom Stool

Cavallo Global Bazaar White Weather Hoof Leg Leather Stool

If you are looking for the coolest bathroom stools around, I think you are also going to like this one!
It’s another hoof leg stool, that will make your bathroom look ultra-unique! 🙂

It is made from solid mahogany wood and top grain saddle leather!
The hoof legs are ‘antique’ white.

(Product Dimensions: 33 x 18.5 x 21 inches)

Grand Duchess Boudoir Vanity Stool by Design Toscano

Vintage-style bathroom stool for a nostalgic look!

Design Toscano Grand Duchess Boudoir Vanity Stool

Design Toscano Grand Duchess Boudoir Vanity Stool

I love the woodwork and the earthy tones on this one! It wouldn’t fit my bathroom and I don’t have a vanity area (unfortunately), but customer answers state that the colors are true to the picture.

Sitting on this royal stool, you will find yourself creating the perfect hair-do and applying the most flawless make-up!

* Sorry, Harry Potter glasses pictured are not included.

Beautiful White Rattan Vanity Bench!

Beautiful White Rattan Vanity Bench

Beautiful White Rattan Vanity Bench

Home Styles Marco Island Vanity Bench with White Finish

If you like rattan furniture or already have a nice rattan vanity cabinet in your bathroom, then you are probably going to love this cool and absolutely gorgeous white rattan vanity bench for sale!
It’s nice and comfy to sit on!
The legs are solid mahogany and the seat is black vinyl.
It also makes a very nice housewarming gift! 🙂

Queen Anne Round Tuffet Stool, Ochre Flowers

Hand-crafted Victorian design round seat

Oriental Furniture Queen Anne Round Tuffet Stool, Ochre Flowers

Oriental Furniture Queen Anne Round Tuffet Stool, Ochre Flowers

This gorgeous hardwood piece brings rococo revival to your bathroom or vanity area!

The seat is cushioned and covered with floral cotton fabric, accented by faux worn tacks for an antique look.

Carved leaves and a hoof foot decorate each of the three cabriole legs. Have a seat!

Decorative ‘Lady Legs’ Boudoir Stool!

Lady Legs Accent Boudoir Stool

Lady Legs Accent Boudoir Stool

Lady Legs Accent Boudoir Stool

I am absolutely CRAZY about cool furniture, so when I saw this FUN lady legs accent boudoir stool I had to show it off here!
Isn’t it the coolest thing ever? 🙂
(I don’t think it is very functional though… it is very small and more for decoration purposes!)

(Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 13.5 inches ; 15 pounds)

Brown Spotted Pattern Stool with Curved Legs

Elegant accent seat for bathroom or vanity!

Stein World Accent Stool with Brown Brushed Spotted Patterned Fabric and Nail head Detailing

Stein World Accent Stool with Brown Brushed Spotted Patterned Fabric and Nailhead Detailing

This lavish-looking vanity stool has an interesting design that makes it look like the seat is floating atop its curved legs.

Look closely, there are some delicate touches: the spotted pattern on the fabric, woodwork accents on the legs and nailhead detailing that look like tiny flowers!

Perfect if you want to give your vanity area a sophisticated look without spending a fortune.

Dimensions: 23.75″ length by 15″ width by 21.5″ height

Stylish Bathroom Vanity Chairs!

in many cool colors!

Stylish Bathroom Vanity Chairs

Stylish Bathroom Vanity Chairs

Safavieh Mercer Collection Georgia Vanity Stool, Fuchsia

If you are looking for classy and stylish, high-quality comfy bathroom stool chairs for sale, I think these are for you!
Available in many classy colors, from dark gray or light beige, dark orange, white or even champagne gold to this gorgeous fuchsia color, they will definitely match any bathroom decor!
They are also very comfortable to use!
Perfect addition to your master bathroom! 🙂

Comfortable Bathroom Vanity Chair in Rich Brown

Adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom!

Elegant Brown leather Vanity Stool by Import Collection

Elegant Vanity Stool by Import Collection

This stylish stool is upholstered in brown faux-leather with a distressed texture.

The base is a bronze color that matches well with the seat, and it features beautiful metalwork detailing!

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