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Mandala Shower Curtains

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

Our Favorite Mandala Print Shower Curtains!

best Mandala shower curtains

Sunshine Hippie Mandala Shower Curtain

Mandala shower curtains, what a great design idea!

My sister and I have always loved to draw and color beautiful Mandalas when we were kids. We would always compete to see which one did a better job! 🙂
(She would win most of the time…)

We just couldn’t believe when we found these gorgeous and colorful Mandala shower curtains for sale!
We went crazy!
It was a no-brainer deciding to create this page today and hopefully help others who also love Mandala designs to find on for their cool bathroom!

*When I saw this stunning and ultra-colorful Hippie Sunshine Mandala shower curtain I almost fell off my chair!
Isn’t it gorgeous??
(Did you know that Mandalas are supposed to represent the whole Universe?)

Psychedelic Utopia Mandala Shower Curtains

Abstract Psychedelic Mandala Ethnic Shower Curtain

Abstract Psychedelic Mandala Ethnic Shower Curtain

Ambesonne Colorful and Hippie Mandala Shower Curtain

Dress your bathroom up with this stunning curtain! The mandala featured here is split in two, its vibrant colors contrasting against a burgundy background. Flowers and hearts in grunge teal and fuchsia tones create a rich pattern that is sure to brighten your mood and impress your guests!

Hooks are not included, but these polished chrome rings complement this piece really well.

Beautiful Blue Mandala Paisley Damask WaterProof Polyester Shower Curtain

Blue Mandala Paisley Damask WaterProof Polyester Shower Curtain

Blue Mandala Paisley Damask WaterProof Polyester Shower Curtain

Mandala Paisley Damask WaterProof Polyester Fabric 60″ x 72″ Shower Curtain

How cool and very hypnotizing is this gorgeous blue mandala shower curtain for sale?
I just can’t stop staring at it!
It’s so beautiful!

Exquisite Zodiac Mandala Shower Curtain

Zodiac Calendar and Sun Horoscopes Mandala Shower Curtain

Blue Mandala shower curtain with Sun and Zodiac symbols

Zodiac Calendar and Sun Horoscopes Shower Curtain

If you love to decorate your bathroom with unique items, well. You’re in for a treat. This beautifully illustrated shower curtain features the sun at the center, and the zodiac symbols around it, creating the most stunning mandala pattern. Wow!

Look closely: the design texture mimics cracked ceramic, a small detail that adds to the beauty of this piece.

It includes white plastic hooks, but if you want a matching look, you may want to check out this set of brushed gold ceramic resin curtain hooks. They pair very well!

Black Mandala Waterproof Shower Curtains

Black Mandala Waterproof Shower Curtain

Black Mandala Waterproof Shower Curtain

If you have a black and white bathroom and also love Mandalas, this is probably the perfect black mandala shower curtain for you!
Incredible design!
I bet all your guests will tell you they love your shower curtain! 🙂

Unique Colorful Mandala Print Shower Curtain

DiaNoche Designs Mandala Pattern Shower Curtains

Mandala bath curtain in vibrant colors

Stylish Mandala Decorative Shower Curtain

Drape your bathroom with your unique style! I love the choice of colors, and how they are applied in a way that makes it look like a crayon coloring.

Maybe something to try to replicate on paper when in need of stress relief?

The repetitive action of coloring a Mandala can be very soothing. And so is this artistic piece right here, don’t you think?

Bright and Colorful Mandala Shower Curtain!

Colorful Mandala Shower Curtains

Colorful Mandala Shower Curtain

Nature Love Colorful Mandala Shower Curtain

If you really want to add a nice splash of colors to your bathroom, then I think you are going to LOVE this vibrant and also mesmerizing colorful mandala design shower curtain! 🙂
It’s almost like the colors are alive and the design is pulsating!
I can almost guarantee that you are going to take much longer in your shower just because you will find yourself just lost in the beauty of this colorful mandala…

Medallion Style Mandala Bathroom Shower Curtains

Medallion Shower Curtain Bathroom Decorations

Medallion Mandala Decorative Shower Curtain

Traditional Mandala Decor Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

The most energetic design you can get for your bathroom! The mandala pattern in this shower curtain is entrancing, the detailed pattern captivating, and the vivid colors rather dazzling!

If you want the feel and novelty of a bathroom remodeling without the mess – and at a fraction of the price – this splash of bright colors will do just that.

Cute and Funky Samsara Mandala Shower Curtain!

Artistic mandala shower curtains anyone?

Funky Samsara Mandala Shower Curtain

Funky Samsara Mandala Shower Curtain

DiaNoche Designs Stylish, Decorative, Unique, Cool, Fun, Funky Samsara Mandala Shower Curtain

This is definitely one of my favorite mandala shower curtains for sale!
It’s a beautiful and colorful mandala design on a white background!
(It looks like a beautiful sunflower in the middle, doesn’t it?)
It stands out! 🙂

*You will need to buy the shower curtain rings separately though, as they are not included.

Patchwork Quilt Colorful Assortment of Mandalas on this Shower Curtain

Paisley Mandala Patchwork Quilt Look

Mandalas, patchwork quilt style

Paisley Mandala Patchwork Quilt Look Multi-color Square Design

Love, love, love it! A multitude of vibrant colors and mandala styles, featuring paisley, flower, angles and symmetry. Also contrasting bright colors side-by-side with softer looking tones.

Notice how the patterns repeat down the columns, but with different colors? Paisley on teal background is my favorite patch. Also love the symmetrical flowers and the tile-like design on top. Just an all-around pretty awesome decorative shower curtain for your bathroom!


Pookoo Whimsical and Colorful Shower Curtain

Mandala containing several hidden fun drawings!

POOKOO Waterproof Polyester Mandala Bath Curtain

POOKOO Waterproof Polyester Mandala Bath Curtain

POOKOO Playful Mandala Pattern Fabric Shower Curtain

Can you spot the cat heads? How about the eyes? I also see noses (yes, noses!), hands, hearts, leaves, flowers, bunnies, stars, and planets. What else do you see?

Its vibrant and uplifting colors and Easter-egg style hidden gems, this one is a sure hit, every time. Get it for yourself or to give as a housewarming gift!

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