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Teen Bathroom Decor

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Fun Teen Bathroom Decor Ideas!

fun teen bathroom decor

Cool Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

If you have a teenager and he or she has their own bathroom, chances are they love to make it look ‘cool’!
(My teen daughter is always buying cool stuff for her bathroom…)

Here you are going to find some pretty cool and fun teen bathroom decor ideas, such as this cool skeleton toilet paper holder, some cool shower curtains, cool bathroom rugs, fun wall decals and the such.

These also make fun gift ideas! 🙂

Rainbow English Bulldog Shower Curtain

Bright and Colorful Teen’s Bathroom Decor

English Bulldog Rainbow Shower Curtain

Look at this goofy bulldog!

English Bulldog Rainbow Shower Curtain

How cute is that? A playful bulldog begging for some attention! Perfect for dog loving teens and tweens!

Gives any bathroom a touch of color and happiness, don’t you think?

How can you not smile when you look at this loyal pup? Have a cheerful start to your day, every day!

Cute Squirrel Wall Mount Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Cute Squirrel Wall Mount Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Cute Squirrel Wall Mount Toilet Paper Roll Holder

If you are looking for something fun and cute for your teen daughter’s bathroom, how about this adorable squirrel toilet paper holder?

He is always willing to help! 🙂
He actually loves his job as a toilet paper holder, as it gives him something to do other than go looking for nuts all the time…
That is so overrated….

Glam Girl Complete Bathroom Collection for Teen Girls

Glam Girl Collection Shower Curtain with Bath Accessories

Oh, to be a glam girl!

ElegantBath Collection – “Glam Girl” – Shower Curtain with Bath Accessories

This gorgeous set will furnish the entire bathroom with coordinating fashion-themed accessories.

Is your daughter a “fashionista”? Does she love everything fashion? Dresses, handbag and shoes? How about shopping?

Well, if so, then this black, white and pink collection is perfect for your classy teen!

Includes shower curtain with hooks, bath rug, bath towel, hand and fingertips towels, lotion dispenser, tumbler, soap dish and toothbrush holder.

Perfect Shower Curtain for a Teen’s Bathroom!

Cool Shower Curtain for Teens

Cool Shower Curtain for Teens

If you are looking for a fun, cool and unique shower curtain for your teenage son or daughter’s bathroom, look no further!
Look what I found!
It’s a very cool and playful Family Rules eco-friendly Peva shower curtain full of fun quotes and sayings!
Teens LOVE that!
(The only problem is that it will make them and everyone else stay much longer inside the bathroom, since they will always need to read all the fun quotes! 🙂
I bet this is what YOU were doing just now!

Vibrant SpiderMan Slash Wastebasket by Marvel

Marvel Spiderman Slash Wastebasket

Spiderman wastebasket for a superhero’s bathroom!

Eye-catching SpiderMan Bathroom Trash Can

Straight from the comic books, bring this iconic super-hero to your teen’s bathroom! Lightweight plastic, in Spiderman’s classic blue and red colors.

As a SpiderMan fan, your teenage child knows that “with great power there must also come great responsibility”. A hint to the great responsibility of curbing bathroom messes by properly disposing of trash where it belongs, in the wastebasket!

Cool Shower Curtain for Teen Boys!

BMX in a Grunge Tunnel Shower Curtain for Teens

BMX in a Grunge Tunnel Shower Curtain for Teens

BMX in a Grunge Tunnel Shower Curtain for Teens

If you have a teen boy who loves to perform dangerous stunts on his street bike (when you are not around, of course), then this is the perfect shower curtain for his bathroom! 🙂
Isn’t it cool?
(For him, of course… I’m sure the last thing on your mind is trying to imagine your son doing loops on his bicycle inside some abandoned tunnel….)

Skateboarding Themed Circle of Skateboards Shower Curtain

CafePress Shower Curtain Skateboard Art

Colorful skateboarding art!

Skateboard Art Mandala Shower Curtain

All your teen girl talks about is flips and ollies? Your teen boy spends more time at the skate park than at home?

Your teenage child will be stoked to come home and find this nifty piece of bathroom decor in his or her bathroom! It’s skateboards galore, each decorated with colorful skateboarding art and grafitti. I love the neat circular shape created with the boards!

Cute Red Heart Shape Love Bathroom Rug for Teen Girls!

Cute Red Heart Shape Love Bathroom Rug for Teen Girls

Cute Red Heart Shape Love Bathroom Rug for Teen Girls

This is my favorite bathroom decor idea for a teenage girl’s bathroom!
It’s a cute red heart shaped bathroom rug!
It’s also very cheap, soft and fluffy!
She is gonna love it!
(If she is the girly type, of course…)

*You can also get her a fun heart print shower curtain as well! 🙂

Color-changing LED Shower Head

Looks awesome in the dark!

Luminex Air Turbo color LED Multi-Function Shower-Head

Shower under a luminous rainbow!

Multi-Function Handheld Shower-Head with 7 vibrant LED colors

The LEDs are powered by the running water! You don’t even need batteries! A stunning effect is achieved as the water runs and the colors change. There are 7 colors in total. Turn off the lights and it looks like you’re being bathed in colored water!

Four relaxing modes: massage, rain, massage/rain mix and an economy setting that may come in handy for teens that tend to spend over half-an-hour in the shower. Regardless of the mode, it’s a colorful shower!

Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Peel and Stick Wall Decals

I am showing you these because that’s what my own teenage daughter bought for her bathroom walls a couple of months ago.
They are going to get 23 cool peel and stick (very easy to apply!) Zelda characters wall stickers!
Teens love Zelda stuff!
My daughter put them all over her bathroom and apparently it’s a hit among her friends!
They all say ‘Wow, cool!’ when they go to her bathroom for the first time…

Rubik’s Cube Sink Top Tissue Caddy

Great teen bathroom decor piece for Big Bang Theory fans!

Rubik's Cube Tissue Caddy as Seen on the Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s Rubik Cube tissue holder!

Super colorful – unsolved – Rubik’s Cube tissue holder, for the geek in the family, the Big Bang Theory fan (Season 5, Episode 6 when Sheldon’s mother comes over?) or just anyone that loves the iconic cube that’s been boggling minds since 1980!

Always a good idea to have tissues nearby, anywhere, and especially in the bathroom. This goes perfectly on the sink top or toilet tank lid.

Wanna walk down memory lane? Here’s a snipped from that episode where you can see the infamous tissue box!


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